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Background and History



The Labor World Newspaper is one of the oldest labor papers in the United
States. It is the oldest of the three AFL-CIO Central Labor Council publications that remain in Minnesota.
It was first published on April 11, 1896 in Duluth, Minnesota by its founder, owner and editor, Sabrie Akin, a 29-year old single mother. She said her paper "will pat no one on the back to gain patronage or support. The labor question will be handled without gloves by the LABOR WORLD, and if need be with knife in hand." She died unexpectedly Jan. 23, 1900.
William McEwen, a member of Plumbers Local 11 and a statewide labor figure
who was known as the "father of workman's compensation" in Minnesota, bought
the Labor World from probate court.
When he died in 1933 the paper was purchased by the Federated Trades
Assembly, forerunner of the Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body. The paper is
owned by local unions affiliated with the Central Labor Body, which are the
shareholders. It is published 21 times a year and has 17,000 subscribers
(April 2013).

The Labor World is incorporated in the State of Minnesota. It has a Board of
Directors that acts independently of the Central Labor Body, although Board
members must be members of unions affiliated with the Central Body.
You can reach the Labor World at 2002 London Road, Room 110, Duluth,
Minnesota 55812. The phone number is 218-728-4469. The fax number is 218-724-1413. Our email address is  laborworld@qwestoffice.net.